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Free Printable “Flourish by Number” Bunny

Free Printable "Flourish by Number" Bunny | The Postman's Knock

Earlier this month, I decided to create a promo code for Easter. To announce that promo code, I posted a video of a neat little flourished bunny on Instagram, which you can watch below. After the video was posted, I received several requests for directions over how to make the bunny. This article — which includes an instructional free printable — is the answer to those requests!

(While the promo code is no longer valid, the cool flourished bunny concept lives on through a “flourish by number” free printable!)

How the “Flourish by Number” Bunny Printable Works

Have you ever worked with a “paint by number”? They were quite popular when I was a little girl — and, according to Google, their popularity hasn’t waned.  Basically, the idea centers around breaking a painting apart into little pieces. Each piece has a number, and each number corresponds with a color. Once you fill in all the little pieces with the appropriate colors, the painting comes together to look amazing!

Free Printable "Flourish by Number" Bunny | The Postman's Knock

You can find this free printable “flourish by number” by clicking here. I recommend printing it out on 32# laserjet paper, which is very dip pen-friendly!

This flourish by number follows the same principle as a paint by number. Basically, you have a key that tells you which style of flourish corresponds with each number. For example, every time you see the number 1, you’ll know to draw flourishes that look like connected “S”s. Arrows on the piece show you which direction the flourishes should go.

Free Printable "Flourish by Number" Bunny | The Postman's Knock

Refer to the key to see which types of strokes to draw in each piece of the bunny.

Consider page 1 of the printable as a practice sheet. Obviously, when you’re done, you’ll still be able to see the printed bunny outlines. That’s okay because filling in the bunny will have allowed you to get in some experience making the bunny!

Using the Flourished Bunny on Projects

Once you’ve created the bunny once, try making it again on a project like mail art or a sketchbook page. You can go about it a couple of ways, but I think the easiest is to shine up the flourish by number graphic on page 2 through a light box. Keep the key on page 1 handy, and fill the graphic out! (If you don’t have a light box, you can always shine the graphic through a bright window, trace over the guidelines in pencil, use the guidelines to fill out the bunny, then erase them.)

Free Printable "Flourish by Number" Bunny | The Postman's Knock

If you don’t have a light box and you are wondering whether you would use it enough to justify buying one, check out this article.

Free Printable "Flourish by Number" Bunny | The Postman's Knock

Feel free to use your favorite pen and ink combination to flourish your bunny! I used an oblique pen and walnut ink for this example.

I decided to use my flourished bunny on a piece of mail art for my little nieces, ages 4 and 2. They’ll be delighted with the lovely graphic (and thrilled to be receiving mail in general)!

Free Printable "Flourish by Number" Bunny | The Postman's Knock

This envelope features George Style lettering (filled in with watercolor) and Janet Style calligraphy.

Why Fill Out the Flourish by Number?

The free printable Flourish by Number bunny serves two purposes. First, it teaches you how to make an elegant, flourished bunny. Second, it provides a fun and unconventional calligraphy drill!

Free Printable "Flourish by Number" Bunny | The Postman's Knock

Creating the bunny will also teach you how to break things down into parts. I think that when you look at something like this bunny as a whole, it’s easy to think, “I could never make something like that.” However, when you take it one step at a time, it becomes easy.

Free Printable "Flourish by Number" Bunny | The Postman's Knock

While this bunny provides great calligraphy practice, I do want to note that it’s not for complete calligraphy beginners. You should possess at least a basic level of familiarity with using a dip pen before you attempt to fill it out! (Otherwise, this flourishing exercise may provide discouraging.) If you don’t have any experience with a dip pen, you can always take the Beginner’s Modern Calligraphy Online Course.


While you’re here, I want to take the opportunity to announce the current TPK giveaway for a few calligraphy “toys”! The giveaway is a mish-mash of fun items that can be used together or separately. You can enter the giveaway at the Giveaways page.

Calligraphy Toys Giveaway | The Postman's Knock

The total value of these goodies is approximately $50. Note that I’m glad to send international packages, so don’t hesitate to enter the giveaway if you don’t live in the US.

If you win, you will receive:

  • Two Nikko G nibs
  • Jar of Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bleed Proof White Ink
  • Jar of Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bombay Ink in “Aqua”
  • Straight Pen
  • Right Oblique Pen
  • Vintage Cotton Napkin (for cleaning nibs)
  • Stationery Set from Two Hands Paperie (a local shop here in Boulder, CO)

I hope that you enjoy the free printable “Flourish by Number” included in this post! If you have any questions about filling it out, don’t hesitate to ask. Have a great weekend, and thanks very much for reading TPK!


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